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by Peri John

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Published: Thursday 8th of April 2004 07:36:46 PM


Steve nicholson
John I hate You. Always the best models, good composition, and top marks. I think I would have played a little with this theme and had the Lady nude crawling up the stairs as if on the prowl. Many thanks as usual for setting the standard.

Curt T.
the best you've done in a while. might would have crossed her feet, but that is questionable. good job. chris

john wreford
Ahh Glamour So the poor girl has fallen down the stairs while she was getting dressed ?

Howard Dion
I like the shot. HJD

Diego Alonso
I think with only the tanga the photo will improve. good ligthing, donĀ“t sure about the hands.

Dan Zimmerman
Nice shot, composition. Maybe it's the scan, but it looks slightly underexposed. The writing on the paties is distracting.

Robert Brown
John, I think you're getting more adventurous in your compositions. Good shot.

Carl Smith
I really like the concept. I don't think I've seen something done quite like this before. The stairs add an excellent somewhat abstract graphical element to the photograph. However I think it's screaming for a different exposure (more contrast) and a different model/position. The choice in clothing is somewhat awkward for me. I think that an excellent contrast for the regular pattern of the stairs would be a portion of the human figure, unbroken by clothing. It doesn't have to be nude exactly (don't have to shot any "naughty" bits) but I think it would be a good contrast between organic/curves and mechanical/regular patterns. Perhaps a closer crop would be more fitting for something like that because I think it would be best suited by both the figure and the stairs being somewhat abstract.

T ...
Hi John, Beautiful angle and as always she looks so relaxed and very natural. Tony

John Peri
Thank you for the very interesting comment Carl. I have indeed taken some nudes on the stairs. The problem though is that every time one of the neighbours opens a door, the models have a heart attack.

Carl Smith
I can't do anything but laugh at your response John. That has to be an amusing situation.

John Peri
A portrait between floors Taken on the stairs between floors

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