Dangerous games # 3

by Amelkovich Igor

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Gallery: NUDE & EROTIC

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Thursday 8th of April 2004 12:10:19 PM


Bente Erichsen
I am definitely impressed by your way of processing B&W. Soft lightning on the belly, strong contrast on the fingers beside... Yeah ! Huge congratulations.

Igor Amelkovich
Lighting, b/w film and... some oil.

csab' józsa
Great idea and nice photo. Igor, how do you achieve always this metallic look of skin? Is it the film you use, or some special trick of you? Lighting? Darkroom? Digital postprocessing? cheers

Larry Heath
I absolutely love the tonality of the skin, exquisite! Extraordinary from the lower arm up. There is just a hint of dimension to the outside of the upper arm. The body from the lower arm down is slightly misproportioned. If a bounce card were added to the left of the shot low and a very very small amount of light added to the lower portion of the body, this would give a little dimension to the buttocks. Making the hips wider and more in proportion to the upper body. Then again this dimension may well be there and my monitor simply is not capable of reproducing the extremely delicate tonality of a print.

Igor Amelkovich
On a paper print wider tonality is submitted.

Evgeni Rozenshtein
Great work! It even hurt to see this!

richard johnson
You always find a new way to present the female body in an erotic fashion. Very well done.

Dariusz Nowicki
May be ...?!

Suzy Carlton
Scary! Your nude and erotic photography is very degrading and perverted. You're a very talented photographer and I think it's sad that you would waste time on this perversion. Your landscapes are inspiring, portraits are beautiful as well. This other stuff just makes me sick.

Richie V Finestra
I love it.

Marius Finkenhagen

Yuri Bonder
Very nice!

Slava Khristich
Nice pose! Is she dangerous before or after?

sogeri pilpoil
To Suzy, with respect :-) Will you take another piece of cream cake ? Perhaps another cup of tea ? Milk, sugar ? So nice from you visiting the gallery !

Pradeep Raghunathan
painfully erotic ;) good composition

Tom Beaudreau
Watch out it don't POP!

Marco Giardini
you have to tell us where do you recruite your amazing models! Great shot, man! really great shot!!!

Jack Meehof

Troy Frazier
Wow! I'm new to Mr. Amelkovich's work, but I think it's fantastic.

Igor Amelkovich
Dangerous games # 3 May be dangerous...

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