Dam 9

by Peri John

dam nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Wednesday 7th of April 2004 08:31:08 PM


Bente Erichsen
I wish I could see the whole long legs, the left foot on a relaxed position, and pillows all along the wall. More simple decoration for the "needle-like" body... The front grid disturbs me, should be shot from higher position ? Anyway, it captured my sight very well. Congrats, John.

Curt T.
bird in a cage. Looks like it was shot through a gray filter though? nice composistion. chris

Howard Dion
Hi John: I like this image a lot. I see horizontal and vertical lines, that is the day bed and the wall. The model as form follows the lines. With that said, my reaction is this model is comfortable and relaxed. The composition is excellent. In addition. the lighting is just right, in my opinion, and warms the scene. Good job. By the way. Why did you remove the previous image? I thought it added to your portfolio.

John Peri
... and preparing for the session that day ..

Mike Reiner
John, I for one don't want to see you stop anytime soon, I truly enjoy your frequent additions and your grand experiment with the female form. I enjoy your varied approaches, models, and situations. Keep up the good work!

Alberto Conde
Excellent play of lines, diagonals en verticals. And beautiful colours, John. One of your best, IMHO, due to her modest pose. Stunning image

Thomas Collins
John, I very much like the pose here. The lines are good as well. Something about the pillows are a bit distracting but I can't put my finger on it. Nice work overall!

John Peri
Well,thank you for the advice everyone. I have reverted at the top to the original colouring, and I am placing here above the shaded version, so that you may see what was criticized. Thanks again.

David Vorland
Don't change yet... Peter raises an interesting point, but many of us want to observe, and learn from, your current explorations, for a long time to come!

Peter van Nugteren
Right.. Hi John, with all respect. Though I still just do not, confusing know what exactly I think of your work, I must say this is very good. I wonder what would happen if you changed your standard subject. Just thinking here.. Best regards Peter

337 Photo
get rid of the pillows and the light... im happy...

John Peri
First of all, I photograph lots of others things. I have simply chosen to focus on one theme here. Howard, I remove photos all the time. Even this many in my portfolio understandably irritates some people. I really must stop posting for a while and clean out my file a bit more.

Ken Williams ...
John, I've followed your work here for almost 2 years. I noticed a definite improvement over the last 6 mos or so. This shot is another example of that. The pillows don't bother me that much - black pillow cases might be interesting.

Stephan Brauchli
Nice use of bedframe I love the colors and the pose too. Great job!

Christos Stavrou
well i just came back to this picture to make it from 6-6 to 7-6.. simply because it has visited my memory -what a pleasant surprise- several times lately... trying now to figure out the why, i find the lines of the bedframe to be full of personality, the choice of colour range highly appropriate (coldish blue, neutral serious black, and pale blonde model), and the position-construction of the subject intriguing... not bad at all, i guess!

Pat Merz
I find it very funny that I have the exact same bed ... (although it has nothing to do with commenting on the image, sorry) ... what I lack though is the nice decorative cushions :o). Nice colors and composition!

John Peri
I looked at it Pat Looks like the same bed to me. Anyway, great fun image!

Pat Merz
Here ... I finally used the bed too :o)

John Peri
On the bed ... Well, this picture was posed of course, but I took several of the model while walking around and preparing for the session (see below for example) ..

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