Linda (nude topless)

by Menegatos Tom

linda nude topless seeking critique menegatos tom

Gallery: Women Color (Some Nude)

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Category: Fine Art

Published: Saturday 12th of May 2001 02:42:48 PM


Stefan Svanberg
Don't really like the pose, especially her legs.. And the black thing with here arms disturbs me.

Bill Ballard
I normally don't find much appeal in color nudes, but I like the shot. Sexy and erotic, without being "cheesy" as some like to say! For me, the only distraction is the way her right leg shadows the other.

Marc Smith
she looks squashed. bad composition. the arms thing really doesn't work either.

Tom Menegatos
I need to find this and rescan there is actually a bit of seperation between the black shirt on the arms and the background on the slide.

Kevin Hundsnurscher
picture I like the pose and the use of color although, I don't like the brown frame. It's a good photo. Kevin

Gary Ell
Aesthetics 7, Originality 7 Tom, you got it here my friend. great piece. I thought that i rated this one before

marc holloway
Aesthetics 8, Originality 8 a sexy pose, nice colour, lighting, well done

Alan Miller
Well Done you this hit one... keep shooting

Brian Kennedy
Aesthetics 7, Originality 6 I like the side light and especially the hint of shadow on the floor. I think you need more room on the top, though. As it is, the pose emphasizes the lack of room up there -- she looks squished into the frame a bit.

Stephen Ksiazek
WOW A geat pose, a beautifull woman. I would have liked just a bit more room above her head, the top of hair is cropped. 9/10.

Juliet Ray
Eeek, what happened to her arms? Other than that, I like this a lot. I especially like that she has a bit of curve to her thighs. Seems like many of the (other) nude models I see have a body type that I can't identify with very much.

Tom Menegatos
Thanks for the comments Laura. I really do need to rescan this slide. The head isn't chopped off and there is a little more seperation between the background and her shirt.

Tom Menegatos
Linda (Topless) Let me know what you think of the lighting and pose.

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