by Soini Hannu

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Published: Monday 5th of April 2004 04:32:42 PM


Akshaya Amit Bhosle
underexposed.. lack of interesting details.

herbert fernandes
I like the colour of the wood .. Nice exposure .. not sure about the composition.. a tighter crop or different angle would have helped I think

Hannu Soini
*. Thank You! Akshaya, Herbert and Drew for commenting! The point of view can be so different. Mostly the feeling and associations when looking at a certain photo makes me think whether I like it or not i.e. Rating is good in some cases- photo.net rating needs revising. The matter of taste varies a lot– and that goes for everything: some like the daughter some the mother☺ BR Hannu

Drew Bayless

Hannu Soini
Inside the cottage after the fist snow Late Autumn view after the first snow in Finland. Comments and feedback is appreciated.

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