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Published: Saturday 3rd of April 2004 03:06:05 PM


Lovely portrait. I dont like only the blak frame.

Owen O'Meara
John: This is a beautiful portrait in every way. -Owen

W. Roger Keagle Jr.
Sunsetting The end to a perfect day I would say, a moment in time, captured by an inspired artist, John, you may get me back to "people" photography yet ! *R*

Howard Dion
Wonderful image. John, I really like this composition. Everything works.

Ken Thalheimer
Love this. The tilt of the head, the pose in the doorway. Just very flattering to the model

John Peri
Thank you Keith. I really don't see what is so imaginative about this photo, but anyway! As for the clothes or not debate, everyone has to seek out work that is pleasing to him. One is not obliged to look at windmills or flowers, if that is not one's cup of tea. Indeed, some find those very monotonous and "unimaginative". To be frank, my favourite subject is photographing children, but I don't want to mix up my photos with the file that I have posted here.

John Peri
¨Portrait of a teenager Taken in the doorway when the sun was setting ...

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