by Amelkovich Igor

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Gallery: NUDE & EROTIC

Tags: hasselblad 503 cw fomapan 100 madness chelyabinsk nude carl zeiss planar 80mm f28 seeking critique

Category: Fine Art

Published: Saturday 3rd of April 2004 01:53:04 PM


Lorraine Daley
oooo. i really like this ...wonderful contrast and skewing. nice concept as well.

Yuri Bonder
77 Excellent

Mike Matini
great image, the title Madness I don't see, but captive and about to go free I see, great lighting, great composition

Neil D.
Great composition! (I refer to the tilted corner within the square format). The tones and room also support the title... except perhaps the walls are a little too hard???

Jeff Fiore
Good image. I like the composition and lighting. Only gripe - she is wearing shoes - which IMO doesn't fit with the mood - however, it doesn't really detract from the image.

Alec Ee
Nice interesting composition

Kaur Lass
Living is madness. At least the way most of the people do it. They are tied down. Like her. But do not even know that. Only we ourselves can untie the ropes we have. Good shot. I never noticed it among the others. But it has deeper side then just womens body or perfect composition. Tha last is usual with you. Your standard. You should play more. Art is somtimes better when it has fun in it! You are good photographer. Just jump over yourself and you'll be better. You can do it. You seem to have all you need for that. Thanks for the art you share.

Andrew Binder
Just beautiful

Dmitry Mozzherin
Her contsrained body has a lot of plasticity and energy beneath. I have a feeling she is going to jump at me next second. Very expressive, thanks!

Miriana .
Very strong. I'll go and see all your photos.....

Carly-Jane Glover
Madness... ...Personally I think she should take off the shoes :]

Igor Amelkovich
Madness Studio

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