After Storm

by Dejkam Arash

after storm seeking critique dejkam arash

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Published: Friday 2nd of April 2004 02:51:14 PM


payvand dadgou
I love the colours, it somehow give me the feeling that itÂ’s a painting.

Anna Ashflake
I really like the mood and the colours.

Atieh Noori
arash jan in akxe khoobie va fazaye khasi dare man migam bikhiale portreit sho va bepardaz be akasie entezaee.ati

David Lee
very nice i really like this photograph. keep showing your work please.

Naeem Rahimi
ee?? :p chichio portrait ro bikhial! portrait haye ghashangi darii Arash :D Congrats!

dawn keyotie
awesome. i love this.

Jelu Todoca

Arash Dejkam
After Storm In a boring restaurant near Chaloos, Iran, the only interesting subject to shoot was the wet window after the storm.
Comments are highly appreciated.

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