Finding One's Way

by Tsoi Wilson

finding ones way seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Friday 2nd of April 2004 12:49:41 AM


Wilson Tsoi
David, I'll keep a mental note of it... ...but won't elaborate to her for fear of no dinner tonight! Actually, after visitng this church close up, I started walking around to find different perspective, and my footprints, there they are.

Jenny Catron
Wonderful shot. Nice job.

David McCracken
My imagination.... I guess I see humour everywhere I look! There is no human figure in this picture and I am not sure if the photograph was staged! I imagine you are with your wife and you ask her to walk on ahead as 'footprints in the snow' would make a good picture. She agrees to do this and as you are waiting for her to disappear from the shot someone is approoaching from behind! You realise that two sets of footprints would not look so good. "RUN! RUN!" you shout! "I need to get the shot!" Run she did and you got the shot. Congratulations to you both. Don't worry Wilson! I'll take my medication before I meet you!

Vicki Passmore
Excellent Title You named this shot perfectly. I love this one. So perfect in every way.

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you Jen, Joe, and Vicki for taking the time. ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
Walking to a church, comment? Thank you in advance for your feedback.

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