Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


Angelo Sala
nice picture Ciao

Scott Mikkelsen
Wonderful I want to sit in that bench... Truly serene.

Michael Chang
Hi Patrick, this looks remarkably similar to the tree I've been shooting in Pointe-Claire. Even with the picnic table! :-)

Patrick Di Fruscia
Thank you for all your great comments. Micheal I think you may be right, maybe this is in Pointe Claire after all. I took a bunch of shots on Lakeshore that day and thought it was in Lachine. Good eye!! Pat

John Lund
I don't think it breaks all the "rules" at all. In fact, the sun-trunk-shadow seems to fit the "rule of thirds". However, we agree that results matter more than rules, and I like this shot, too. It has a quiet intensity. As for a constructive suggestion, try cropping from the left hand side, down along the ends of the top branches and through the extended branch on the lower left. I like the narrow rectangle that yields.

Michael Nigro
This is better than "nice picture". It is simple, concise, and true to the visual grid. It is perfect. Well done.

Ali Marjovi
Charming There is Somthing fascinating in this picture.

Henri Manguy
the rules are made to be broke when the compostion needs it. I find this image perfect, and I specially love how the shadow in the low part answers to the high part like a reflection in water.

Els Wetting
Serenity it is for sure. Thanks for sharing

AJ kadash
I like it! Very moody! The shadows are my favorite part.

Barry Needle
Great shot! Barry Needle.

Vlad P.
Agree with Henri. Excellent composition.

Hasan Ghodrati
Mississauga? Hi Patrick, nice picture...do you want to see my pictures of the same location? Check my profile.. Regards - Hasan

Andrew Paddison
I think it's a beautiful picture - well done!

Kristupa Saragih
This pic brings a good mood Very nice composition Good play with shadow

Linda Keagle
I've seen scenes like this many times and tried to capture them...unsuccessfully. The exposure and comp are right on in this image, and I love it....

Wilson Tsoi
It says, "even if it's cold out, one can still find warmth in it." Hat's off to you!

Reto Savoca
Simple, clean to the point. Rules ? What rules ?? ;-))

Brendan Ringer
rules are nothing more than generalizations of what "works", as if simply following those rules would produce a good image. Here you communicate mood (serenity) in a powerful, cold, profound way! You've also handled balance between the top and bottom halves nicely, which is a reason why a centered horizon and picnic table work wonderfully. Well done.

Jasmine C.L
What attracts me is the blue sky and that interesting shadow cast by the tree. A lonely bench tells a lot of story too.

Nevil Zaveri
7/7 e x c e l l e n t all the way. great composition. great eye for the subject. thank you for sharing. regards, nevil

Photosaur Photosaur
:) quite similar to mine: http://photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=8487542 :) same concept, different places! well done! best regards Kostas

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