by Soini Hannu

untitled seeking critique soini hannu

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Published: Monday 29th of March 2004 11:22:22 PM


Aurora Vanderbosch
Bravo!!! This is a fun shot! :-) There are undoubtedly things that could make this image look better--but I'll let someone else cover that. Me--I'm just feeling giggly looking at this charming image! :-)

Jeff Moody
Must've scared the @$&?!* out of you (unless your camera's water proof)! Really nice shot!

Hannu Soini
Scared and wet:) It ended up of putting the somewhat moist camera "away" - and both of us using the towel:)

Tom Sperduto
I think this is your best shot. It doesn't have the same snap shot feel to it. I like the rainbow and the smile.

Juan Monino
very original, nice colours

Larry Rosenmann
great shot Wonderful. Kid photos should exhibit joy and playfulness. This one does it magically!

Hannu Soini
Thank You Larry! So true...the natural joy and true happiness is seldom visible - children express that and sometimes you are lucky enought to get it on film. Thanx for commenting!

Hannu Soini
Water on Daddy! Sunny day and dry grass...-well why not water Daddy also:) Feed back and comments appreciated

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