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Published: Monday 29th of March 2004 06:51:19 PM


Howard Dion
John, have a suggestion. Desaturate the back ground just a bit and maybe add a little fill flash. I really like how she is leaning into the frame. Wonderful image.

Michael Beach
Nicely done, although I think a crop to right below her hair works a little better.

Tamara L.
Great colors

Linda Keagle
Lovely, and natural. Fine work, John...

booooooooo booooooooo

Alberto Conde
I agree with the crop suggestion but absolutely not about desaturating the background. However, I would suggest correcting the bluish overcast in the white of her eyes.

A beautiful portrait, in any case!

John Sloan
Agree with the crop, I would also add a white reflector to eliminate the "raccoon eyes" and add a little life to her eyes. Love the lean into the frame and the sweep of the hair!

John Peri
Ha, I fully agree. I had seen the crop. I was just too lazy to start over again! Thanks.

Greg Goldstein
Nice look.. I too agree... a bit of fill...

A Monty
Geez your portraits are lovely and this is no exception, yep the crop suggestion is good, love the colour and yes a reflector would oppen up her eyes but still a fantastic portrait regardless.

W. Roger Keagle Jr.
John Have to agree with the crop suggestion....over all, nice work, love the feel to this....very of the moment !*R*

Conrad Seto
Congrats! This is strongly evident that you, Mr. John Peri, are, by far, one of the best portrait photography artists.

John Peri
Summer portrait Just an outdoor summer portrait ....

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