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Published: Sunday 28th of March 2004 07:15:11 PM


Brendan Hohls
I like the natural feeling of the image, but the blurred picture on the wall in the background is disturbing to me. A less cluttered background may have been better?

Howard Dion
Your photographic skills ARE EXCELLENT. Like the shot. Regards

Geert van der Zee
Wonderful Portrait John,well done. Thanks for sharing. Gr Geert

John Peri
That's always nice to hear Howard, but you are too kind and generous and I have difficulty agreeing with you! As I often say, my modest contribution if any, is essentially in getting these young ladies to accept to pose and not in achieving any set artistic goal. In fact, for me, this has always been the most challenging and difficult part of all. I persue this mission with passion and sincerity. Maybe some of the girls feel it and that is why they are so candid and straightforward with me. However, I'm hopeless on the technical side and I should give much more attention to the details that people very often point out. That being said, I am not convinced that if I changed my style and set up lights and a decor for them, that they would then accept to pose. Actually, I think that the majority would not. What I try to do is to capture in a natural setting some of the charm that these models so evidently have. Occasionally, I feel that I have got something, but I'm almost never really satisfied with the result.

John Peri
How nice Howard. Thank you, for the ladies too.

Howard Dion
This approach is your differentiator. It is the rapport you build with your models, coupled with your photographic style that makes the images work. I find honesty in your work, and I think you offer the ladies a sense of freedom of expression that the may not have without you. One’s first reaction is another photographer of nudes. However, when you look at the volume of work, and the quality of the work, you realize it’s more than that. I think you passed photographing nudes a long time ago. I think you are trying to tell a story about what is natural and beautiful.

Laszlo Horvath
Except her right hand she looks like a girl preparing for a shower or just having finished it and arranging her hair. Her right hand destroyes this impression.

John Peri
I appreciate your point of view, but others like Pedro seem to agree with me too. But that is just a detail anyway. What is important is the overall impression that the picture gives to the viewer and I fully sympathize that this one does not quite work for you. Thanks.

Laszlo Horvath
In my opinion her right hand on her shoulder creates the impression thet she was posing. If you would redo the shot, without her right hand on her shoulder the image would look more spontaneous. My two cents.

John Peri
Actually, I remember this moment distinctly. I took some pictures with her hair in her face and I then asked her to move it ... so it wasn't really "posed", though there is nothing particularly wrong with a posed picture.

John Peri
Nude portraiture At a more relaxed moment ...

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