Split second choice between becoming botanist or ictyologist:)

by Soini Hannu

split second choice between becoming botanist or i seeking critique soini hannu

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Published: Saturday 27th of March 2004 07:55:09 PM


Sean Fyfe
being a father myself, i love this photo :) the only small thing i could point out would be to make the boat point more to the right or to the left (looks like lots of good algae or lilypads)

Hannu Soini
Her choice:) Thank You for your comments - little boys and girls are different already at early age and my daughter is no exception:)

Ken Thalheimer
The look on the little boy's face is priceless. Crop off the empty black areas top & bottom

Thomas Motyka
take off the black bars

Jeff Moody
another wonderful shot of your children (sans the black bars of course :) Were you holding the camera with your other hand?

Hannu Soini
Thank You! Yes, I was holding the camera with my other hand...lifting weights is never too late:)

Drew Bayless


Hannu Soini

Thank you Drew, I am glad you like this documentation:) I hope there will be similar photo opporturnities this Summer:) - preferrably with the same crew;) br Hannu

Hannu Soini
Splt second choice between becoming botanist or ictyologist:) Comments and feedback is apprecaited:)

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