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by Peri John

hn nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Artistic Nudes in black and white 1

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Category: Fine Art

Published: Saturday 27th of March 2004 12:22:31 PM


JF Ochoa
Bravo John... this is great! Congrats.

Thomas Turk
This one might also be frigid, Joe, looks are VERRRY deceptive...Hey Joe, when u finish with gorillas, mebbe u can do nudes...I mean photograph nudes..

Thomas Turk
Howard D. I also see some diagonals, so I am getting a little confused now, and the room aint all that horizontal nor vertical, either,, so I guess u lost me...

Thomas Collins
John, this is a nice image to come back to from my Florida vacation! Lovely!

Mike Matini
John I like the natural light, but I don't like the white sheet on the bed, her pose is nice and she has a very nice relaxed pose. Good picture

Carla Maio
Very good I like this one too.

Max Zappa
John - Great Great image John ! Lovely tonality, beautifukl model. Excellent. Max ZAPPA.

Geert van der Zee
HN2 Wonderful nude John. I like the sepia tone. Re. Geert

Sarah Marie Jones
Beautiful shot John. Love the toning. Love the pose. Love the surfaces. One of your best shots IMHO.

John Peri
Thank you Mike, but don't you think that the bare sheet adds to the solitude of the image?

Ken Thalheimer
Very well done John. There is that solitary mood you were looking for

Owen O'Meara
John: I agree entirely with Sarah. -Owen

James O'Neill
Some familiar names in the comments. I've got to agree... You'd expect me to like this one, and I do, the artful arrangement of her body, the expression on her face, the light and tones. Definitely one of your best.

David McCracken
One of your best... most definitely! Here I am! Late for the party again! Everything good about this photo has been said by others! Personally speaking I am not a great fan of sepia! I would love this in plain old black and white!

C Brake
I'm definitely in the minority on this one. The tones and lines are great, but the pose looks very contrived, unnatural and uncomfortable to me.

Igor Amelkovich

W J Gibson
pardon me for dissenting a little....but the window and outside for me don't seem connected to the woman and the wineglass or the older style of the bed frame....and the bed is without top sheet (?) and no pillows...I like the pose, the arms...just seems to me that they are a lot of lines in this image: floorboards, foot of the bed, the glass door edges, the wall panelling....all in different directions...maybe it's just me, but I seem to be making my eye ignore elements....just my impressions....the toning I very much like....lovely lady...must be a lot of good things for me to look so long and puzzle on it and tap the keys...regards, BG

Howard Dion
John, this is a wonderful photograph. Actually one of my favorites of recent submissions. Your choice of Sepia tone and the title add to the image. Most of all, the horizontal & vertical lines of the composition make the image pleasing to the eye. Warmest Regards, Howard Dion

Miles Morgan
I think this is one of your best compositions, reminiscent of Willy Ronis. Fine Art. Regards, Miles.

John Peri
Nostalgia A lonely Sunday afternoon spent with a glass of wine .....

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