Reflecting on Chicago

by Tsoi Wilson

reflecting on chicago seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Saturday 27th of March 2004 08:08:13 AM


Linda Keagle
Wilson Now I see what I have been missing. I love this one, too!!

V & P
I think i like it better with the original view. it is kinda "confusing" to the eye otherwise. But, otherwise it's just another sample of W.T. thanks again.very inspiring, always.

Thanks Wilson! Much better.

herbert fernandes
There something about the clouds and the foreground thats not right. Otherwise I like the cityscape exposure and composition

Cristina Fumi
yes Wilson, I think I like the original better too, since I was trying to figure out what the frame was... and then I saw the original ...Beautiful shot!

No clouds here. I can clearly see how you saw this refection, but the top of this image doesn't satisfy this viewer. Just wonder if it would look less incongruous with a 180 degree rotation? Back to the original view from the tripod.

Wilson Tsoi's the original orientation... Herbert, NP, thanks for your feedback. I suppose I should have given a little explanation and/or attach the original orientation when posting. Anyway, here it is.

Ray Wei
I, too, like the original better. Would be greater if the yellow light spot (on top at the original or bottom at the flipped) is dimmed/removed. However, this is a wonderful shot. Really nice.

Brian Kravets
I'm a big fan of turning photos sideways or upside-down to give a new or unusual perspective. I do it all the time. Something about the foreground in this one, however, hurts the illusion. I like the "real" perspective. It's more playful and clever. Either way its amazing!

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks, Thank you everyone for commenting. I guess the regular orientation works better for viewers.

Wilson Tsoi
Reflection of Chicago, Thoughts? Thank you in advance for your constructive feedback.

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