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Published: Friday 26th of March 2004 10:18:12 PM


Sushrut Patel
Lovely! I am first reminded of a few hours I spent in rauncy bars in my youth, but the blue velvet, and the skin tones(hand painted?) convince me that a lot of time was spent creating this image. Thanks for sharing.

John Peri
Max, these ARE my landscapes! I keep posting more because I never cease in my quest to find the perfect scenery. You may call it obsessive behaviour, but I first indulged in this search at aged seven, so it's kind of hard to break the habit. Seriously though, I have already inundated my file with all these pictures, imagine if I added other subjects too. You are right though, there are too many photos posted at present. I shall go through them next weekend and remove some once again. Every time I do it though, someone complains about "the missing picture".

Howard Dion
John, very nice. Look at the model as lines and form. Really nice work on this one. Regards, Howard

Filip Pizlo
I like the aesthetics of white on blue. I would consider cropping more tightly from the bottom and less so on top. I like this new direction - I'm curious where it takes you.

Max Haynes
I think being on is like playing to an audience, yours prefers beautiful women evidently. :^)

Max Haynes
John. do you take pictures of other things as well? I mean, you are REALLY good at this, don't get me wrong, but you have 457 pictures posted of women mostly without clothes. Where are your landscapes, your city scenes, your macro shots?

John Peri
Yes Max, though I know that some prefer the windmills. Nevertheless, you and I, and all the others here would not post our photos unless we enjoyed the feedback. Apart from the very useful technical advice that I receive, I have also got to understand better what is of general appeal, which is one of the most useful bits of information that I have got from PN. I am suprised sometimes however at how much it differs from my own tastes. Many of the pictures I like have remained totally ignored, whereas I am amazed other times at the appeal of some. That being said, I think it is interesting to find a niche for oneself in photography through a particular style and/or choice of subject matter.

Armindo Lopes
Different but the contrast of the colors is really appealing. The image couldn't be original but the contrast it is. Regards.

John Peri
Ha David! No, it's just my senseless classification on the computer!

John Peri
Well, to bore you would be worse David (glad you didn't say that!). Actually, I posted it here because it reminds me of one of those netsuke carved in ivory that the japanese used to hang around their kimonos.

Geri Na
I was especially drawn to the contrast of her skin tone and the depth of the material's color. Though I've seen similar poses and layouts, I've never encountered any this striking.

John Peri
Reclining Figure Different to what I usually do. I wonder how you see it ... ?

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