Train Tracks to Bowyer Island - Storm, Brunswick

by Burgstaller Siegfried

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Category: Fine Art

Published: Friday 26th of March 2004 02:11:08 AM


Rick Aubin
Nicely done! My only thought is that you might show a little more of what looks like a railroad tie in the foreground.

James Sarte
Fan-fawkin-tastic! Love what've done with this image!

Ken Thalheimer
Pretty cool idea. Something about the rails though. Two narrow and I think it would work if they were parallel?

Robert Bukar
I love it! Thanks for sharing. Rob

Allon Kira
Surreal and beautiful!

Stephane Robichaud
Wow, I like this one a lot. Very nice job. Only thing that I would like to see differently is the distance between the track and the island in the back. But I'm far from being sure it can be done with a different lens that would flatten the distance.

Mark Anthony Kathurima
What a beautiful shot. It feels ethereal... And IMHO it could still work if you were to crop a third from the top to make it become a square composition.

Best regards from Kenya,


Siegfried Burgstaller
Railroad to Bowen Island. Any comments and critiques would be most welcome.

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