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Gallery: hot summer

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Published: Wednesday 24th of March 2004 03:18:39 PM


Howard Vrankin
I am very happy to see someone here with a Kodak digital camera image receiving such high ratings. I just got one, and their Color Science is remarkable! But of course it takes a very good photographer as well. You've done very well with the color placement, composition, and capturing of a beautiful sky.

Vikram Bose-Mullick
To Carlos Speaking as an engineer, A smaller f-stop would not give more DOF in this case because all visual elements are rendered beyond the hyperfocal. However depending on the lens used you may or may not get a sharper image by reducing the apperture as most lenses have a sweet spot in the middle of the apperture range beyond and before which all other appertures make softer images. From an artistic POV.. this is an elevator music composition both unorigional and cliche but shows technical mastery of camera and lens.

Guido Fulgenzi
Nice shot,the foreground seems in 3D!

Francesco Martini
Very beautiful this shot!!!!

Alberto Conde
Colours (specially the blue of the sky) are just not right and a tripod might have helped. Composition is great. Congratulations

Floriana Barbu
Thanks for comments!

Igor Laptev
Great image!

Cristina Fumi
Floriana If this were mine I would make a postcard to send everybody: I like it very much

Thomas Turk
U cant get it clearer, Carlos, with a smaller f stop, tripod etc, these digits cant yet give them to you. Even PS meddling cannot give this superb composition the final details it needs to make it extra ordinary.. It lacks clarity, therefore it loses the dimension and structure of the flowers. We have no brilliant highlights with matching shadows on flowers, nor stems, nor the golden bales of grass.straw...The clouds, although beautifully shaped, dynamic, and balancing well with the shot, have NO texture, as if they were created by merely leaving white the paper, when painting the sky blue, with water colors.... The white house in the background should be brilliant white..Nature still deserves velvia 50 or agfa ultra 100, maybe till we have 2 gigabytes..maybe forever..

John Peri
Very nicely done.

Marita Toftgard
dreaming of summer... love the different layers..of gorgeous poppies..nice finally mountains/hills..that gives a brilliant feeling of perspective!!wonderful work..mita;-)

Floriana Barbu
Thanks for comments!Yes, is hard with a "litle" Kodak to make "big" photos,but I have a good PC, is not a secret :)!!

Floriana Barbu
Dear Thomas, What you talking about...what clarity and dept of flowers??? You can see the size of photo < 100K and a lot of compresion.My Kodak name is EasyShare:))If you open the larger version ,you can see the silk and shadows of popys. The "white house" is not white and is naturaly gray.I used PC for contast and luminosity ! Thanks! And Thomas, your affectedness advices not help , wen I have a cheap camera.If you hate digital photo saw much, what are you doing here?!

Mathew Rossi
Wonderful colours and great range of depth included.

Darko Kordovan
Nicey one.Love.!

Carlos Ortez
A well composed photo. Very nice. Maybe if you would have closed down your apeture on your camera to get the largest F-stop you could, you might have gotten a better depth-of-field and a little clearer.

Roberto P
I love shot like this. Beautiful piece of work!

Gregory Roush
Salutari! Bravo, un peisaj foarte frumos. Dar unde se afla acest loc in Romania? Greg

Peter Krenek
Floriana, congratulations, the image is very aesthetically pleasing. For the vivid blue of the sky: did you use a ND gradual filter, PhotoShop or is it natural ?

Dario D
Great sky and great shot. Another shot that I would have liked to do with my camera :-)

Floriana Barbu
Dear Greg This place is named Valea Nandrului and is in Hunedoara ,helf hour from Deva or Hunedoara . Te salut, Floriana

Floriana Barbu
Dear Peter, I used a Photoshop overlay 10% gradient filter to dark a litle the sky. Thank you, Floriana

Thomas Turk
I dont hate digital Floriana. BUT it is a simple fact that nature shines when photographed with fuji velvia or agfa ultra 100 and good optics, and not YET with digital. Digital works wonderfully when the lighting is spectacular and unusual, or at night.., a 30 year pro, gives us 1000 digital shots with spectacular lighting and composition, and for me 99.9% of his work is.. WOW..I am here for same the same reason as you, to learn....and improve my snaps..and to see when it is time to go digits.

John Falkenstine
When I was a kid in Europe I remember lying down in fields like this, it was very quiet, things smelled great, tweety birds (swallows) in the air..unbeatable. I like the image and the level from which it was taken. The colors are great and Turk is just a jealous fellow because he can't

Christian Testanière
christian Testanière very colourful 7 7

Floriana Barbu
Nandru Thanks for your time!

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