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Published: Sunday 21st of March 2004 12:51:06 PM


Hannu Soini
So true:) Thank You for your comments and advice..I have a poor scanner and that does damage to the quality. Well you work with what you have..- maybe I buy Imacon 9 series and see what happens:)

Hannu Soini
More light Thank You for your comment! Difficulities with the colorprofiles related with the screens - on normal MacLCD screen the photo in fact makes the photo to look lighter in comparison to Sony or Nec- not to say that it should change your or anybodys rating. The chain from the camera to the screen with the different color profiles and calibration is something which I am and surely many others are working wit.h. Thank You again for your kind comments.

Matt Keefe
A little more light and maybe this could of made a 7.

Tom H
Your scans could use a improvement. You could get better ratings because of improving the output. Like this one it is a great shot but to rate the aestatics is partly related to the output etc.

Hannu Soini
Ater sunset Comments and feedback is highly appreciated

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