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Published: Saturday 20th of March 2004 10:33:00 PM


John Peri
Maybe I was wrong to dabble with the original, which I think is something one shouldn't do very often. However, I wanted to leave the sterotype type of picture on the couch and concentrate on those expressive eyes.

Howard Dion
Here is how I see it. The color version is for the commericial side of photography. The black & white version is for the fine art side of photography. Warmnest Regards, Howard Dion PS: I like the B&W shot becuase I look more at her face than her...well you know!

Ken Thalheimer
Think I vote for the color version. Seems to have more punch than the BW John

John Peri
Well, tha'ts my preference too Howard, but the image is flawed by being desaturated.

Andreas Seidl
Monochrome from colour John, how did you do the conversion? If you did not use the channel mixer, you might want to have a look at: http://homepage.mac.com/ilyons/pdf/tutorial2-6.PDF

Jack Blake
I agree completely with Gregory... much more dramatic in B&W... and the feathered darkening of the edges brings out the most appealing part of the picture, which is that wonderful face and her features... I also like the way that adds some mystery and subtlety to magnificent form.. excellent work, John!!

Andreas Seidl
I prefer the b&w one as the model is much more classy than that pink cap. If the cap would be white, the color shot could be better in my opinion.

John Peri
Well, I agree with you and that is why I put it there :-) I just wish that I had black and white film loaded in my second camera at that point.

Greg Goldstein
I vote for the BW version: 1- Lighting appears more dramatic. 2- I focus less on the monotone colors, and more on the subject in the BW version. 3- I find the BW image to be more powerful creatively (sort of like an addendum to #1 above).

Armindo Lopes
Great, both versions.

John Peri
Andrea, thank you, that is very interesting. my version is very flat. I'll try that next weekend. Thanks again. John

Brad Kim
B&W is my choice definitely.... It is great John....!

Carlo Ottaviano Casana
Stunning! I like them both!

John Peri
A posed shot but a reflective mood ... I desaturated this one to give it more character ...

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