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tiger duluth nikon mm fg ed if af s vr lexar prof puterbaugh roger

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Published: Saturday 20th of March 2004 03:54:22 AM


Raoul .
quite a good summary on what a big cat is about: power, purpose, and ehhh, purring?

Mike Vos
Powerful shot

J Morin
Wish I had those tires for winter.Nice & smooth with biting.

Michele Ciofalo
A great capture indeed. The sharpening proposed by Vincent K. Tylor here looks great, so much so that I would like to know more about this "Nik sharpening system". Once so fixed, the image is surely worth a double seven, so that I urge Roger to do it himself (of course, on a larger original than the posted jpeg) and to re-submit it for critique.

Massimiliano Eleota
great shot Ottimo tempismo.

Daryl D
Great! Is this cat trained or wild?

Curtis Forrester
Great capture!

Hazeelin Hassan
Great shot!!! Boy, he's such a fat tiger! Cute!

Sergei Sogokon
Excellent shot! It's real natural power.

Are you still in one piece? Looks like he/she just found a juicy steak holding a camera, framed and hanged kind of picture, simply gives sense of brutal power of the nature. Congrats. Can.

Kim Slonaker
Impressive - looks like he is charging right at you! If this was sharper, it would be a 7 for sure!

Palmer Halvorson
A stunning shot indeed. I love the flying snow. It would be a slightly better if it was not quite as soft.

Michael McCloud
It dosent get any better than this! Very well done.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
An amazing photo!

Dennis Jones
Giles comment After looking at his work, I can see why he doesn't like it...Doesn't have a clue how to use a camera....

Roger Puterbaugh
Sharpened Thanks for all the complements and suggestions. I did go back to the original and ran a sharpening tool on it. The tiger was charging directly at a piece of chicken that had landed in front of me.

Vincent K. Tylor
Much better. Upped my rating as well. This is how the site really helps us all to improve!

Tristan Laing
If you took this picture, kudos.

Dennis Jones
Nice work Roger.

Igor Laptev
Excellent shot!!

James Bencke
A really great photo. The flying snow really gives it that added dimension. Great job!

Marta Eva LLamera
Excellent image! Impressive!

Vincent K. Tylor
Impressive shot indeed with the motion in the snow. I agree with Kim as well. Something needs to be sharp with this one to take it to the highest level. The obvious choice would be the eyes. I tried my Nik sharpening system. Lets see if it helps a bit. Great work here!

Dennis Jones
Do you use Nikon Capture or Bibble? Straight from camera to PS? I think you are in between on the sharpening tool. Almost looks a little too much on my 19" screen. Not gonna bitch...just jealous....:-)

Roger Puterbaugh
I go straight from the camera to Photoshop CS. I'm still tweaking the sharpening tools, but it looks better before I have to save it for the web to be able to post it here.

Leandro Alvarez
Excelent It's amazing great job

Wilson Tsoi
...hello, my name is Roger... ...and after this series of shots, I am now left with a right leg, and four fingers....the beast absolutely tore me apart...JUST KIDDIN'!!! Captured or not, these images are simply awesome! My 8-year-old daughter sat here noding, approving my comment as I typed. All our thumbs are up!!! (seriously!)

Gregory Tyson
I dont like it

Juan Kratzmaier
I kind of agree with Scott, I believe that what he is missing is what many of us are missing, a different variable in the rating system... maybe FEELING?. I will put a high rating in both variables, A & O, even when I know it's not the first (or second) time I've seen a frontal picture of a running tiger but to congratulate a good photographer for a great picture with the few ways I have here. Does it make any sense?

Scott Cummings
Great shot! My question is with ratings -- this is obviously a very well executed photo, and one most of us would be proud to take. I just don't understand the high ratings for originality. A head on shot of a tiger, even in snow, doesn't seem that original. A phenomenal photo, yes. Original, no. What am I missing?

iman abidi
motion,power,beauty,fright I just say the words that are coming to my mind motion,power,beauty,fright,power,beaty,.. thank u realy

Robert Kunst
Your last photo?? What a photo......even in the Netherlands this photo looks incredible!! But by a tiger in this range of my lens I prefer to replace my camera for a good pair of runningshoes....

Terry Butler
Brilliantly captured

Sweid Sideris
About sharpening focus, just a little perhaps but we must remember that the subject is moving fast on the same line of the lenses axis making focusing an extremely difficult task, the later example done with Nik is too much sharpened for my taste because the lack of the original tonality, at all this fact doesn't change the absolute beauty of this formidable animal captured in your photo, the aesthetic is 7. About originality, well, the originality isn't related only with a "subject never seen before" shot (a fundamentalist originality concept means that no one deserves a seven then), but a different striking impression about a known subject. This is a siberian tiger running in the snow straight toward the camera, performing an extraordinary demonstration of beauty, intelligence, and strenght. The perfect equilibrium deserving a 7. About the "fat" commentary, please, as I told you this cat is a siberian tiger, because he needs protection against the freezing environment the hair is so much longer and dense than the India or Shri Lanka tigers living in tropical forests, then the animal looks bigger and fatty. An optical illusion.

Baldur Tryggvason
So Good One of the best tiger shots I've seen... and original, since you rarely see tiger shots with the tiger charging straigt at you and in the snow.

Rafik Kamel
Nice colors and capture roger, RK!

Pawel Malicki
Fantastyczny portret. Uwielbiam tygrysy.

Trampu┬× Simon
what a look...love it, my favorite animal. 7/7 best regards, Simon.

Andi Santoso

tariq sulemani


Roger Puterbaugh
Tiger Comments and feedback greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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