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Published: Thursday 18th of March 2004 03:07:07 AM


John Peri
Hy Christo! You made some interesting comments above, thank you. Let me begin with my own appraisal of this photo. You may have noticed that I mentioned further up how surprised I was at the attention that it received? It probably happens to all of us that what we like the most is not always what appeals to the maximum of viewers (actually, what I like is the dancing girl I posted after this, which received 1/4 the number of ratings)! I think that people may identify with this picture because they recognize in it what we all yearn for, which is a portrayal of the innocence and beauty that is now well beyond our reach, but maybe I am just an incorrigible romantic! The more provocative part of your remark refers to treating subjects which are possibly more controversial and my evolving as an artist. Of course I do other stuff than this! First of all, I love to photograph children, but I feel it inappropriate to mix children and nudes in my file (the only pictures posted are taken way back in student days). Secondly, I have ventured into the area of more questionable appeal which is "erotic art". However, the moment I post something a little more controversial, a couple, or look for example at my "mother/daughter" series, I get drawn into an unending debate on the subject of pornography (which I respectfully say to those that do it is really not my thing)! So in conclusion, I have chosen to focus on a niche which is the portrayal of young women today in their natural surroundings. I very much admire those that search for something original and conceptual to photograph, however, it is not the goal that I have set for myself here. Some photograph landscapes, others windmills or flowers, I do the 20 to 30 year old working girl relaxing at home on the weekend. The majority of my models will not relax, and probably not even undress, if I place them in any fixed position with strobe lights pointing at them from all directions. That being said, maybe you will find something that corresponds more to your taste in the black and white work. Oh, I almost forgot. There is no "technical" profiency whatsoever here. Both pictures were taken at a cocktail party where some of the kids were also present. You can see some persons behind the model in the second photo.

John Peri
Randy, there is almost no argument you can post anywhere without a little truth in it, but with more than 80 ratings so far, there must be an awful lot of stroking going on! No, I think that in this case, well beyond my expectations, some people were simply happy to see something fresh. I think that what you say about this particular photo is true of any subject matter that you choose. However, if there were really as many pictures posted of the type you mention, then this one would probably have got a little less attention than it did.

David Vorland
Wonderful image Ah yes,thanks to artists like you we sometimes gets glimpses into that special intensity of being young.

David McCracken
Did you notice! She has clothes on! I like this! Really I do....

Armindo Lopes
Simple, effective and with a nice natural expression.

Randy Solomon (www.solomonrei.com)
Okay?... what's the fuss? Nice photo, good color, pretty model, But?... I really don't find anything original about it or more aesethetic than a thousand other young girl protraits found in a thousand magazines. Sorry, maybe somebody can me see the difference. Sometimes, I wonder if some of the ratings/comments given is just mutual stroking. Nothing personal John.... just wondering.

Sean O'Flaherty
I wouldn't crop at the neck because I think the red in the letters on her shirt adds something.

John Peri
Thank you very much everone. This photo got an unexpected amount of attention from my point of view. Now, if the lettering wasn't there, I wonder if you would have looked at it ..............

Howard Dion
Everybody already said all the good stuff. All I can do is say congratulations ya-done-good.

Ken Thalheimer

Ken Thalheimer
Cropped Have to agree. I like the cropped version with the lettering removed. Makes for a stronger shot

nuno milheiro

Mark Julian Mackay
no crop I have tried different crops, none of them work, it is balanced as it is....good work

Linda Keagle
I really like this....the lighting is excellent and you've caught her in a very natural pose. I would suggest cropping to just below her neckline, so that the words don't draw your attention away from the lovely face....

Richard R Johnson
It's Warming my Heart to be young Thanks For Looking Good..

Evgeni Rozenshtein
Your second photo even better than a first one, imho. I love your candid shots. How many years we have yet to wait in this case? :)))

John Peri
Evgeni, not until well after her eighteenth birthday!

Joost Vannieuwenhuyse
Well done I would agree with John's choice of not cropping to the neckline. The words keep the eye moving over the picture. Taking them out makes the photo lose its strength, because here the zoom on the face is not taking up a large enough portion of the frame to stand out without the words, unlike in the second one. So keep it like this is what i would say. and I find it a great portrait.

Evgeni Rozenshtein
Thanks, John. We'll wait, "time is not important"...

Thomas Collins
Wonderful John! I too have been working with some young future glamour models and they really take to modeling like fish to water. This one of yours is going to grow up into a gorgeous woman. Good capture on the posted photo as well as the follow-up shots. Hey, I'm off to Florida for a week of enjoying the five "B"'s - Beaches, Bikinis (or lack thereof), Barbecue, Boating and Beer. See ya when I return with lots of Five-B shots! :-)

W. Roger Keagle Jr.
Time is on her side.... I would bet she will get a few pointers on Photography from you John, nice capture, yes the eyes take you almost to Heaven ! Sigh ! To be Young again,!*R*

Nathan Wells
I think the original crop is quite better - without the words it seems a lot of color is lost in the picture - almost to the point of the picture being drab. Great shot - wonderful picture :)

John Peri
Have a great time Thomas !

JF Ochoa
Very good! Congrats!

John Peri
Well, that's what I thought too nathan.

Peter Voerman
Wonderfull portrait of a great model! Is she you're daughter....

Cristina Fumi
John I rated your pic a couple of days ago,but forgot to drop a comment, and I am glad I forgot, because I could see also the other shot: that's fabulous! I mean both are great portrait of a beautiful young lady, but the expression you captured in the 2. one is so spontaneously fresh!!! Anyway, for the 1. one, I am glad you didn't crop the red writing: it is disturbing, but at the same time adds that touch of red colour that really does good to the shot. So sometimes I think that rules need to be broken. Ciao!

David Katz
Crop I agree with the crop of the woods on the shirt. Good expression

Christos Stavrou
Well John, I like your work and especially the more challenging and provocative shots I found in some special folders of your portofolio. I was just looking for example at your mother-daughter folder. Sometimes however, I do wonder whether people just rate the model and/or simply reproduce conventional, widely shared, constructions of beauty, age, sexuality, etc. Here for example, although this is undoubtedly a technically high achievement, I 'm not sure about the meaning and value attached by many other commentators... Of course this conversation could involve infinite debates on objective/subjective interpretations, etc etc.. Nevertheless, my point in brief is that given your well known technical ability and imagination, I'd hope to see your thematic focus shifting into different conceptions, far from 'beautiful' models and usual representations. (Certainly someone doesn't need to be challenging in order to be good or simply popular, but think about it...) Best regards!

L.R. Jordan
I can't pinpoint it, but out of your entire collection, this one slaps me in the face as purely stunning. I guess it's the simplistic beauty that you've captured.

Fernando Ochoa Olivares
Great one! i like those eyes, beautiful model. I like the second photo more IMHO.

Michael Murchie
Looks like a young Brooke Shields...stuning young lady!....great pic too by the way :p Mick

johnwat leo
were can i get more of this cute girls photo's sir

johnwat leo
Thats fine Sir, but u did gr8 job ........... hat1/2

John Peri
Thank you for your understanding. Please pass by again. Regards, John

johnwat leo
Gergeous Nice picture the way of her eyes totally, she is so attractive. The credit goes model & photographer can I get more of her images were can I find them or else u can give name of her so I can search ....

John Peri
Thank you my friend, I truly appreciate that, but this is all about photography and not the models, and I cannot personalize these presentations. It is also why at their express wish most often, I never name them. But once again, I do appreciate you passing by, thank you.

gary minor

John, this is a very pretty portrait of a young lady.  Some would say this is not great art that they are accustomed to see in your work.  What is great art?  Great art can be beautiful or ugly or it can have great composition or maybe not but the main thing that is always present is reaction.  You got a reaction here and it is technically well done and you kind of have to wonder what she might be thinking. It draws you in.  Good job.

John Peri
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