Little Cuties

by Ee Alec

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Category: Performing Arts

Published: Wednesday 17th of March 2004 09:38:37 AM


Hulki Okan Tabak
I believe that you have got a perfect carnival series. The carnival colors are vivid and you have rightfuly captured them. You have also captured the motion, the life and the excitement. I am going to check out your folder. Good work.

Francesco Martini
Very good and coloured image!!!

Alec Ee
OK Paul David. I followed your advise and revised the image.

Paul David Athey
This one cries out as a potential piece of work from the Glitter Guru (check our her web site and you'll see what I mean On this photo however I would try to take out the background (the bus and the ladies head bottom left of frame) You could really then make something of this. Good luck. Regards Paul... (I am not associated with the Glitter Guru in any way ;-)

Alec Ee
Hulki Okan Tabak Hi Hulki, thanks for visiting. You have a very interesting biography and have made awesome progress to overcome your earlier trials in life. I respect your philosophy of life and I'm sure you will have a great future. You have a nice and interesting portfolio.

Alec Ee
The Little Cuties Shooting at the Parade.

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