Jo 29

by Peri John

jo nude seeking critique peri john

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Category: Portrait

Published: Tuesday 16th of March 2004 07:49:52 PM


John Peri
Well David, unfortunately life isn't all fun and games, but let's say it does help to take away some of the tension. Isn't that what hobbeys are for?

Howard Dion
Lots and lots of personality. Just shows through on this one. Regards, Howard Dion

Andreas Seidl
To me the hair seems too stringy to look nice in her face. In particular, the bulge at the hair line hints that just before that hair was hanging down. Liked the one with the white cap and gloves much more.

John Peri
Thanks Andrea, I understand your point, but that one was much more posed than this. I would put this more in the category of glamour snapshot. I agree that there are many details one could attends to, but then you have to sacrifice some of the spontaneity that you capture in an image such as this. Likewise for the next picture I will post taken while dancing .....

John Peri
Glamour Just another glamour shot ...

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