by Peri John

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Published: Thursday 11th of March 2004 09:55:27 PM


Howard Dion
Hi John: I would say charisma at rest! The photo is very well done but, had you not mentioned charisma, I would not have made the connection. Warmest Regards, Howard

Ken Thalheimer
Yeah John, I feel it succeeds

Tawhid Uddin
Pretty? yes, because of her dark hair, shiny skin, deep sea in her eyes but capturing her charisma? no.

Patrick Saint-hilaire
Perfect Great Shot ! The colors look great... I'm curious : What kind of lighting did you use ?

John Peri
Bounced flash attached to the camera.

Carla Maio
like it the black rose was a good idea! you have shown not only your talent, but also your model's talent.

Marino Thorlacius
Will this model marry me?? What a stunning model and a beautiful picture!!

John Peri
The rose no. 1 I know she's pretty, but have I captured her charisma? That's the real challenge ...

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