Neuschwanstein at Night

by Tsoi Wilson

neuschwanstein at night seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Thursday 11th of March 2004 02:52:53 AM


Greg Tarnoff
Alittle bright on the castle, but a very cool shot.

Thomas Motyka
castle to over exposed for my taste

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks guys. I went back to cool down the hot spot on the castle. Please hit "reload" if checking back. Regards.

Wilson Tsoi
Walter, das tut mir leid. Ja, ein Swan, nicht Schwein. I corrected accordingly, thanks! ^_^

Walter Hinterberger
Wilson , you captioned this image as Neuschweinstein Castle, which means New-pig-stone, whereas its name is Neuschwanstein , which translates as New-swan-stone...:o))-lol. Nice shot , though...

Janice Rickert

Thanks for posting this and bringing back memories. (1972 for Munich Olympics and visiting relatives) This castle IS a little bright, but I think the image looks more fairy-tale like this way. I like it.

Wilson Tsoi
Saving the very last frame (#40!) on the roll, comment? Chopped off a chunk at right since it's the last frame. Tried doing justice to the Mad King L├╝dwig II's castle. Thoughts?

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