by Soini Hannu

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Published: Wednesday 10th of March 2004 09:57:45 PM


Hannu Soini
Thank You! Thank you for the comments.."The work is never done" and experimenting and learning continues -with good advice:) Thanx again

Jenny Catron
Wonderful and fun perspective. Colors are wonderful, vantage point really makes the shot. Nice one.

Jacob Bro Knudsen
great reflections... but there is a disharmony between the colours and the beautiful sky is a bit understated... i would try to fool around i photoshop to see if i could bring out the esential in this photo. cheers

Hannu Soini
Looks better now:) Thank you - I think I will have to do a similar check on each pic:)

Hannu Soini
reflection Collection oc reflection theme - taken off from a series - comments:)?

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