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Published: Wednesday 10th of March 2004 09:15:14 PM


Steve J Murray
I like this very much. Its got a lot of "presence." The background and foreground blend in to each other nicely. She also has a beautiful body, which is shown just enough to get that across in a subtle way. Your lighting here is less flat than some of your other shots too. The color here is a plus, I think, rather than doing it in black and white. Good work!

Roland Vandenbulcke
good and original portret, like it

Markus Maien
Incredible My passion is black photography, and I am very impressed with this photo. It truly captures her beauty and is incredibly sexy without showing too much. Look at those eyes. Whew, just mesmorizing.

Andreas Seidl
The composition and the idea of using white clothes and table is excellent.

John Peri
Thanks for your remark Steve. My lighting does indeed tend to be flat quite often. I guess that's the price to pay for working with a bounce flash. However, I do go overall for quite a low key approach and don't usually correct with PS.

great portrait and what a beautiful model!

Tamara L.
Diferent one but very nice!

Richard Kynast
Very nice portrait, John, good point of view. The model's expression is haunting.

Howard Dion
This is the charisma shot...and then some. Regards, Howard

Sweid Sideris
Frankly I don't know how I lost this extraordinary portrait, now I've catched it straight from my former comment screen. Once again the lightning is a class in itself, I know that sometimes matt skins are quite tricky with light and difficult to express it undeniable beauty with a photo. But you did it. On the other hand the composition and framing are perfect for me. At last her body language and her calm beauty are a resplendent "mirage" of ebony. Chapeau mon ami.

John Peri
Portrait of a young woman Quite a young lady. She studies economics and the martial arts .. !

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