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by Peri John

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Published: Wednesday 10th of March 2004 07:50:35 PM


John Peri
Thanks Thomas, but she's naturally very graceful, I really didn't have to do anything.

John Peri
That is an interesting comment, thank you, but I am quite satisfied with the pose.

Tawhid Uddin
Rough & tough, but has some oriental look. Thanks John.

Dan Adler
There is some magic in this photo.

Thomas Turk
What were the few other things u tried..Were they to do with fotog??? Unnatural posed pose, mish mash lighting, but great, if not too symmetrical abs.....

Steve J Murray
Another great shot! Very poster-like, by which I mean strong graphic appeal in the composition, and of course the model is fantastic. So graceful and natural.

Thomas Collins
Good work John. I like the barely discernable glow behind her and pose is comfortable. The position of her hands is super. Well done!

John Peri
Irrerspective of the tone of the message above, I would like to add that I almost never pose my models. I put on some music and hope to inspire them to move or dance slowly. This is what took place here.

Thomas Turk
If she were a a dancing John, then, as u have control over the tech part of the pix, and can give us a little blur, maybe on the hands, or the head twist, or the hair flying.... Maybe half second??. A race car doing 200 shot at one eight thousand, will look as if it is sitting in the showroom..

John Peri
Thanks Carla. Admittedly, I do get these remarks sometimes that are not always easy to answer. Look for example at the one I received earlier this evening. ... I hope I responded with sufficient humour!

Carla Maio
I lke this one Agressive comments you have here... I like this one, it looks great to me. And well, if she is standing in front of a camera half naked, what was she supposed to do? She must pose, or not???? That's what she's there for. I lke the tones, the background and the pose.

Ben Sweet
Beautiful Model and very erotic...

michael dorfman
Great capture! I particularly like the way you captured both her feminity and energy. The more I look at this picture the more I expect her to explode, as though she's holding back pent up energy. Great pose!

John Peri
Thanks Jim, and yet some people will complain about this ....

Drew -

Can't be expressive & let the natural beauty speak of itself if stiff, forced & contrived.  Ignore the negative comments, John... there's always some who don't get it.  It's all good to let the women handle the creative voice whilst your camera is their mic, amp & speakers.

And the result is sweet visual music.


John Peri
Figure Study I hadn't seen her for about a year. She rang me last week and asked if I would care to do some more photos. We did some classic poses and tried a few other things too ....

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