Saint Chapelle

by Tsoi Wilson

saint chapelle seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Wednesday 10th of March 2004 02:50:50 AM


Angel Hernandez
Both are a beauty: the shot and the chapelle. Congrats!!

Wilson Tsoi
...if you go this May... ...Rob, there'll be a guard patrolling this area to make sure no one use a tripod. I didn't know that I wasn't suppose to use one, until she stopped me. Either go with high speed film, fast prime (or IS lens,) and hand hold, or discreetly crouch down with a small, table-top tripod (the latter is best with digital compact that has swivel out screen.) Regards.

Robert Goldstein
Excellent composition and lighting. I hope to be there myself in May.

Wilson Tsoi
Kate, this is the basement (immediately as you enter for a tour) of Saint Chapelle, a few blocks away from Notre Dame cathedral, right in the heart of Paris.

Kate Temple-Taylor
What a beautiful chapelle, you have captured the light perfectly. Would it have been possible to include the peak of the arch? By the way, where is this?

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you both for your feedback.

Xiaoxiao Min
i was there in august:) beautiful church. i didnt get any nice picture at there tho:(

Wilson Tsoi
Basement of St. Chapelle, Critique? Thank you in advance for your time and feedback. Figure adding back some color to the folder.

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