Mountain Side Castle

by Tsoi Wilson

mountain side castle seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Saturday 6th of March 2004 04:00:12 AM


Allen Klosowski
I really like the warm yellow/orange against the cool blues of the snow. However, I'm not sure if the branches in the foreground add much. Of course, you probably couldn't get closer without alerting the guards. :-) Nice shot!

David McCracken
The lighting looks like paint! Looking at this you would think the castle was yellow! It is not until you see the building to the left that you realise that it is the lighting. I feel nervous now.... you are going to come back and tell me it IS yellow!

Wilson Tsoi
David, the building is indeed yellow! Hohenschwangau is indeed painted yellow (ha, ha, ha..:^) To your credit, yes, the building was lit at night as well (providing that glow against the mountain.) Nice to hear from you again.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks Allen, Indeed, I had to shoot this from side of the highway in -3C, strong wind, through speeding traffic, and through branches!

Santosh Patra

Hi Wilson,

I am yet to recover from visual assault ! Colour, composition and lighting are your specialty. Thanks for showing us a treasury of great photographs taken with an humble P&S camera.

I can't resist asking you this question: in details of this photograph(and in many others) I read a statement like 80-200 tripod. What does this mean?

Thank you in advance for your explanation.


Santosh K. Patra



Wilson Tsoi
Mountain side castle, thoughts? Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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