Monument at Night

by Tsoi Wilson

monument at night seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Saturday 6th of March 2004 02:42:19 AM


Bob Dickerson
Nice use of color, Good work!

Wilson Tsoi
...thanks guys for the feedback... Dennis, as far as the rating is concern, I could careless about what Mike rated the pix. All I wanted from PN, listed from priority #1, is to learn and improve, have place to store personal favorite pix, share with others, and may be make a friend or two. Dudes like that got more problems than most of us should waste time worry about (BTW, I wouldn't put too much stock on the ratings as long as there are folks out there giving 1/1 or 2/2 without back up comments.) Having said that, I did leave Mike a note to give you explanations on his previous ratings of your pix on his "portfolio" page. Cheers!

Dennis Hogan
Very nice! I don't get it from Mike Morgan 3,3? This is a really nice picture.

Wilson Tsoi
An e-mail excerpt of reply to above: Wilson, I think you have things in their proper perspective. I really like your attitude and I also really like your work. Thanks, Dennis

Bobby Douglas
very nice shot keep burning that film.

Wilson Tsoi
Bobby, what a nice surprise to have you check out one of my older images (which were all taken with films.) It's too bad that other "film advocates" didn't realize that in fact the majority of my work were done with film. I'll look into posting some results from medium and large format soon. ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
Monument at night, thoughts? One of my older images which I've reworked. Thanks in advance for feedback.

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