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Published: Tuesday 2nd of March 2004 05:40:20 PM


John Rhodebeck
Shadow appears contrived (IMO), otherwise good.

James Sarte
Nice, simple, and good tonal variance.

Olga Gerasimova
Great!! "In expectation of the artist."

John Marsden
9/10 + 8/10 + dissonance = 11/10 Great photo, but for something that is so dirty and gritty perhaps a little too perfect in framing. Maybe move the brush off centre. Mis-align the picture frame. Put more of that stringy stuff around. The flow from bottom left to top right, along the brush, is just too perfect for my taste. The background tiles might look better at an angle. These with the angle of the frame they could then produce more tension and dissonance in the picture. Technically great 9/10. Aesthetic (8/10 which is still good)perhaps needs a few more jazz sharp and flat notes to make it 11/10. Thank you for displaying this image. All the best John

Paul David Athey
I could not agree with Olga more - superb piece of work.

Yuri Bonder
77 Composition is great, light is great, feel is great

Antonio Baiano
molto bella!

Guido Fulgenzi
Grandissima cretività,veramente una prova d'artista!


Michele Gereon
Pennello Graditi commenti e critiche.

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