A Bike on a Bridge

by Tsoi Wilson

a bike on bridge seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Tuesday 2nd of March 2004 05:55:05 AM


Ivan Colman
imho the water at the bottom is a bit distracting. It gives a strange effect. The "soft" light is wonderfull

Matt Portno
nice shot I think the pic only tells the location if you've been there. To me, this looks like Amsterdam. Great city =). I think the shot is nice but it looks like the upper parts of the buildings are slightly overexposed. otherwise... nice shot indeed.

Jackson Lau
very nice... love the composition and the tone you set.

Troy Hamon
Never been in the Netherlands, so no it didn't tell me the location. But it has a nice feel to it.

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you everyone for your valuable feedback.

Ivo Alexandre Rodrigues
Makes me wonder about who left the bike there. Nice exposure and tones.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks Ivo for commenting. In Amsterdam, everyone parks and chains up wherever space is available. Couple seconds after this exposure, a young woman walked up, unchained, and rode off.

Wilson Tsoi
Does this work? Does the picture tell you the location? Does it work?

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