A parrot's view

by Peri John

a parrots view nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Friday 27th of February 2004 06:40:15 PM


Thomas Collins
John, this is very creative! I like it! :-)

Aguiar Thierry
Good idea! It's great!

Cristina Fumi
very creative indeed! Shame that many people can't accept this kind of art: they keep attached to old ways like if it were a sacrilege to change things a little bit! I love this!

Tyler Nevins
Wow! John- this is great. Is the illustration to her right a real pastel drawing, or did you do this in Photoshop? It's incredible either way.

who says what is normal? I like your stuff, your very artistic, creative, and a great eye! Thanks for sharing. I wish I could be less normal like you!

Ken Thalheimer
Very creative John. It just seems to flow from front to back

Paul David Athey
John Peri...How do you do this? Superb!!! I harldy dare critique - especially as I don;t do portraits - yet ;-) However I'm not sure about keeping the door frame (or whatever) in the left of shot. The skin tones also seem a little motteled on my monitor. But apart from that what an original pose.

John Peri
The title is a private joke. She lives with a parrot called Elvis which tells her that he loves her everytime he wants a special treat. He also says thank you after, but only if you insist. Maybe he learned something about us humans?!

Howard Dion
Creative composition. Tasteful. Regards, Howard

Yuri Bonder

Armindo Lopes
Well seen, well done...

John Peri
Ha! It's a drawing Tyler!

Tawhid Uddin
Hi John, I thought you did it with a image editing software! Very good idea.

John Peri
Jody .. no secret, I just told her to stand there !!

Jody Frost
Argghh! JOhn, I'm completely envious of our prodigeous talents! THis is fantastic as is all your 'fantasy' work! Oh I'd like to pick your brain as to how you did this! Bravo maestro!

Alberto Quintal


John Peri
Fantasy I can get myself to do any normal photography lately. So I'm playing around with a few colours and forms.

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