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Published: Monday 16th of February 2004 06:34:36 PM


Michael Beach
I think this one is just as effective, if not more so when cropped just above the nipple. The hint of nudity would be better here than the nudity itself.

Timo Hartikainen
I really like her expression. I know your style and way to photograph, John, but I still would like to crop this one from below, because when I have viewed this more, my eyes starts to explore those elbows & legs too much. Just my opinion. cheers, Timo

John Peri
I think that is what Michael Beach suggested too. I like it. Thanks James !

John Peri
Well Lannie, instinctively, that was my first choice I guess. Strangely, though the models always seem happy and amused to appear glamorous in the end product, they are much more insistent on presenting their more natural side to the camera.

John Peri
Thanks Lannie, it's true that I try to photograph my models as they are, but I think they they have a point here. One probably does focus more on the essential this way. Thank you for this criticism.

James O'Neill
I like it too. If this were my picture I would present it like this. That's not to say my way is better, just to show an alternative.

Jeff Fiore
My 2 cents To me, your work has always been about the expression. As I said before, if nudity is what interests me there are a lot of very good photographers here on PN that shoot technically excellent nudes. When you post a new photo, I always think "what expression has he captured now". What I love about your photos is that capture of the inner person comming out in the expression that shows the personality of the model. The nudity is incidental and seems to be the catalyst for the inner transformation that is exhibited in the pose. If these were professional models, they would have "professional" poses. Oh yea, comment about the photo - I like the original although the cropped versions have their merit (I guess as long as the face is not cropped out) but the original gives a more relaxed, natural feel. You have a good eye for natural light and how to use it.

Michael Nigro
I like this image but that backdrop is pretty distracting.

Tamara L.
Very nice image. I like the first one posted.

one of the hardest things i find in model photography is knowing where to crop. as in all aspects, there are rules .. some of them good ones. cropping in the viewfinder is a very 'instinctive' thing. something i think that comes with experience more than paying attention to the rules. i think the original crop is fine john. nudity or not, i keep being drawn back to her expression and face .. something i'm sure is one of your goals. zzzz..

Ken Thalheimer
Hmm, think I have to go with the first cropped version in color with the legs cropped out. Very interesting expression on her face. Makes one wonder

Gordon Logue
Yup, I agree

Chauncey Gibbons
Cropping loses gesture... The knees are essential gesture-wise... They show destination of model's weight as she leans forward to support herself. You crop that away just to be coy with the nipples and you lose the power and weight of the figure in my opinion.

Ken Williams ...
You're an artist - my opinion .... I like the expression you have captured here - it's real ...

Robert Brown
John, Mags looks tired . . . too much wine, too many photos . . . . Nice skin tones and I like the overall color palette.

Robert Brown
John, I wasn't being critical!! Just stating the obvious, I guess. Usually, she looks more lively.

Jim McNitt

T ...
John Hi John, One of the things I've always liked about your portfolio is that not only are there wonderful pictures, but often I'm almost guaranteed a good read :) All the best Tony

John Peri
Of course not Robert, but I used your remark to drive home the point of the social framework of this "working woman"! Thanks. John

Laszlo Horvath
Ill I'm afraid to me she just looks ill. Was she?

Jean-Paul Nacivet
I like this picture very much, because for me the model his not pretending to be something...or somebody...she is just herself...and as everybody knows to be oneself is a huge program. This is why often, when the model ask me "what do I have to do?" the simple answer is "just be there"

C. Daunis
I come back to images of this woman again and again. Of course, she is beautiful, but your images of her give me the impression I know her. I seemingly understand her mood and her personality, and this is only partly due to her exquisite face. Thanks.

John Peri
Thank you Chris. it may be partly because she knows nothing about photography that she comes out so well! I call it not having the prejudice of experience.

Filip Pizlo
John, I keep coming back to this picture as well. Some women just know how to pose. And some photographers just know how to take pictures!

Sweid Sideris
Wandering among your last posts I found out this precious image plenty of character. Falling in an old cliche, the photo is telling a history, her expression is strong, she doesn't care about us observers, she is almost defiant with her attitude, "well, that's me and my circumstances, so what?!". Appealing, mesmerizing, I like this kind of photo, because it has "sediment".

John Peri
Glamour portraiture Natural lighting with some help from a bounce flash.

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