Eiffel Admirers

by Tsoi Wilson

eiffel admirers seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Sunday 15th of February 2004 04:54:22 PM


Adrian Toparcean
Maybe only one lamp? Among your pictures with the base of Eiffel, I like this the most. Nice glow of the lamps, but my eyes keep moving from one to the other. It might've helped to move a bit to hide the left lamp.

Cristina Fumi
I really like people being in it. I enjoy your work on Paris: you make me remeber good times! (the pics I took were so plain and without interest compared to yours)

Wilson Tsoi
...thanks everybody for the feedback. It is helpful to learn of how the different element, in this case the starburst lights, can distract viewers. Regards.

Jody Holman Webster
creative how many shots of the eiffel tower have I seen in my day- countless... however, this ranks among the top for me. many of yours do. it is so difficult to shoot from a new perspective, but somehow you have done it. so mood evoking. wonderful!!

elaine k
seen many eiffel tower shots including my own ...but this one is awesome love the whole setting !

Ahmet Yetis
Perfect symmetry I thought symmetry is a bad thing in a frame. This must be one of those perfect examples where the rules can be broken (by only those who have a good command of the art) to create something original. Well done.

Stanley Lai
Nice A nice picture. Move to the right by a few feet will make this picture PERFECT.

Eoin O'Neill
This is a great angle of a subject that would otherwise be quite boring. I agree that the people sitting in the foreground are what really make this shot perfect.

Wilson Tsoi
Admiring the Tower...Critique? This time with all those glaring lamp posts, thoughts?

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