Lamp Post @ Notre Dame

by Tsoi Wilson

lamp post notre dame seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Friday 13th of February 2004 06:56:23 AM


Pawel Fludzinski
I like the concept, but the distortion from the very wide angle doesn't work for me.

Henri Manguy
I prefer this one to the other by night. I love the clear light. It remembers me a dream I had many years ago, with Notre-Dame in a very bright spring day.

Troy Hamon
I do like this one better. Very nice dramatic element with the lamp post. The lamp post and Notre Dame leaning in different directions is interesting, I can't decide if it is distracting or intriguing. At any rate, I like this photo very much, but probably rate the night photo a bit better. But this is great and with a good sky.

Wilson Tsoi
...thank you for all your valuable feedback. Regards.

Kemal Riza
Beautiful Beautiful shot. But I would like to see the firrst (or third) lamp in the frame... Anyway, it's a beautiful picture. Thanks...

Theo Jacobs
Original view, but I think the post-processing is a bit too noticeable in some halo's and a somewhat limited dynamic range, lacking in contrast.

Wilson Tsoi
Here comes the lamp post, critique? Lamp post in front of the Notre Dame. Any better? Comment is appreciated, thanks.

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