A Night at Notre Dame

by Tsoi Wilson

a night at notre dame seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Friday 13th of February 2004 01:59:53 AM


Troy Hamon
Wilson, for what it's worth, I like this one a lot. Nice work. I like the wall.

Henri Manguy
I like how Notre-Dame stands out in gold against the dark blue sky, but I don't know what to think about the wall in the foreground. I regret anyway that it hide the right lower part of the Cathedral.

Wilson Tsoi
..thanks, Henri and Troy for your valuable insights. Regards.

Wilson Tsoi
"Walkway to Notre Dame" (Deleted 26-JUN-04) Comments from a similar image deleted. Viewed 11476 times with 19 ratings Aesthetics 5.26/7 Originality 4.95/7 Definitely different than your average notre dame picture. I love it. -- Adam Brown Wilson, the lights are too bright on the Notre Dame. You may have to shoot same scene in different exposures, cut and paste for this image. EV range too much contrast. -- Alec Ee

Wilson Tsoi
Okay then, how about at night? Well, how about the Notre Dame at night this time? This one works, or not?

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