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Published: Monday 9th of February 2004 06:37:47 PM


Geert van der Zee
Sop Is that Janet Jackson ?? Great Picture

T ...
Hi John, Lovely texture in those braids and the skin tones are beautiful.

John Peri
Thanks Maurizio. I photographed her again yesterday with new hair style. We'll see what it gives .....

Maurizio Rocco
Great pose and great skin tone. Ilike it.

Deanna Pursley
John, I see you have been getting alot of bad comments in your gallery, mostly from women who are jealous of these beautiful models I think? I just wanted to say that I'm a woman, I find no image you have taken offensive in the least. You have captured these women beautifully, they were gracious enough to model for you and you did not let them down. I believe my favorite though is this model. You really have a knack for capturing her skin tone. She is an ebony goddess! You have really outdone yourself with her poses and facial expressions. The lighting and focus are excellent. Keep shooting and sharing.

John Peri
Deanna, I appreciate your intentions, and truly thank you very much for your statement. Admittedly, however, I don't agree with you. The remarks that I receive are overwhelmingly supportive and a surprinsing amount of these come from women. If not, I would have given up long ago. I recollect almost no occasion when a woman has been negative about my style or my intentions, at least not for a very long time. If so, it certainly has not been more than two or three times at most, during the last two years. If you would care to draw my attention to any particular case, I would appreciate it, thank you. I think that if someone was out to exploit women in any way, it would show after almost 500 photos. Furthermore, it might be difficult to understand in that case why so many women would wish to continue to pose. I would add that it is I that would be embarrassed, well before my models, if I produced anything that denigrated women. I do indeed like black girls as models, as they are particularly graceful. This young lady is especially charming and comes out very well.

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