Up On the Hill

by Tsoi Wilson

up on the hill seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Monday 9th of February 2004 08:08:46 AM


Joseph S
This pic looks like its had some heavy digital editing. The sky and church on left. I could be wrong :)

Wilson Tsoi
Hi Joseph, thanks for checking in. The sky is of original color and value as the rain cloulds rolled in and out the whole afternoon (partly sunny, partly cloudy, and very, very windy.) There was nothing done to the church neither. The blurry stuff right hand side of the spire caught me by surprise as well, but it's probably the church's other tower in the rear which at this view point protudes out slightly. The whole image had a small saturation increase before submission.

Wilson Tsoi
Cityscape, critique? Most likely been done before, anyway here's my version. Critique?

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