A Bridge Over the Seine

by Tsoi Wilson

a bridge over the seine tsoi wilson

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Published: Monday 9th of February 2004 08:06:47 AM


Anthony M
Wilson, Assuming you live here: I would love to see this same shot a little later in the day using a tripod and maxing out your time exposure, with the idea of getting some motion in the clouds. This is assuming the clouds were moving, the light was low enough to use a longer shutter speed and you had a pretty small aperature available and / or slower film. Just a "what if" scenario. I think the composition is great and the subject is original. Nice work. AJM

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for the suggestion, AJM! I wish I live there, but I will definitely keep your advice in mind. The wind was at least 30 km/h as it almost knocked the Christmas tree in front of the church over. I was loaded up with ISO400, but should've pull out a compact digital to follow your suggestion.

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