Round & Round

by Tsoi Wilson

round tsoi wilson

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Published: Saturday 7th of February 2004 10:11:58 AM


Alec Ee
Nice rich colors but not very clean? Noise in the image?

Kate Temple-Taylor
different, interesting and creative image of a popular subject. Just a pity about the bright light in bottom right corner

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks Alec! Wow, I'm about to leave the, you're quick! As far as the DSC-717 is concern, I can tell from your pix that they are nice and clean. Oh well, can't wait to hear which DSLR you're plunging into ^_^ ...for me, A80 will have to do for now ;^(

Wilson Tsoi
Hi Alec, appreciate your feedback. I'm curious though about the "noisy-ness" as I can't seem to figure out as it isn't prevailent at my end. If you would, please give me some more specific example as I'm really at a blundering point. My images are usually scanned from prints/negatives, or direct from Canon A80 (specified accordingly.) May be I have to look in to a DSC-717 :^)

Alec Ee
Wilson, I took a closer look and you're probably right. If there is any noise you can easily clean it up. Minimal here.......maybe it's the tunsten light that is disturbing me. Perhaps you did adjust the levels as it seems pretty hard to me. Normally I will play more with white balance during night shoots. No need to change to F717, go for a good DSLR! Cumbersome but worth it!

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