A Cool Afternoon...

by Tsoi Wilson

a cool afternoon tsoi wilson

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Published: Thursday 5th of February 2004 04:13:49 AM


Pearce Darnell

Ives Steglich
The blue is the key - sepia wouldn't work i think.

Tom Miner
It's good, but what is all of that stuff in the sky? I just don't know what to look at.

joe w
Super Cool, fresh, lively, smashing image. I like the contrast between the calm reflecion ot the tower with the exuberant movement of the water in the rest of the picture. Top notch

Jason Lucas
Ironic I love seeing travel photos of places I've been, especially if the composition is almost exactly that of which I tried to capture. I remember lying down on my side, hanging over the water, trying get to make a picture as good as this one. I enjoy your creative approach!

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