Reflection of the Louvre

by Tsoi Wilson

reflection of the louvre tsoi wilson

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Published: Wednesday 4th of February 2004 04:29:01 AM


Richard Price
is it really better inverted?

Wilson Tsoi
Original Orientation... Original orientation is here for comparison...

Alec Ee
The original one gives me less vertigo. Great shot Wilson. The blurry effect of the reflection seems like you have done some PS on it but unreal since it's original. Congratulations on this one.

David McIlroy
Wilson - I like the form of the original - it makes you really have to think about what you're seeing, if like me, you did not read the title first. Very artistic and original.

Nestor Botta
Gee... you're good, man! :-) First: it's not easy to give a new turn to so photographed subjects like these. You already know that ;-) Second: what caught my attention from the thumbnail was how could you isolate these two subjects and synthetize them in just one image. That would not have happened with the original direct image, cause then the explanation would have been quite obvious. Like it is now, you're playing with every viewers eyes, and that makes it even more interesting.

Alin Balanean
7/7 I like the first version (reversed) of this image and I think that if the pattern of the floor will be just a little more visible it brings the picture a more ireal(special) effect... Anyway, it's a great picture!

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