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Published: Monday 2nd of February 2004 05:37:42 PM


W. Roger Keagle Jr.
Natural Light Nothing like it to make the picture oooz with feeling !Your model is a classic, and seems to love the camera...not often found ! *R*

JF Ochoa

John Peri
Thanks Tony. Max, I'm not sure if you mean development or exposure. I don't develop my films. I exposed at 1/15sec and let the camera choose the aperture.

Richard Kynast
This photo oozes emotion, so I keep coming back to it. Very good work.

Max Zappa
Nice work John. What speed did you rate FP4 at? Max Zappa

T ...
Hi John, This is absolutely stunning, I feel as if I can touch those textures. I wish I could rate it higher than 7/7.

Yuri Bonder
7 7 Beautiful!

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