Speeding Clouds

by Tsoi Wilson

speeding clouds tsoi wilson

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Published: Sunday 1st of February 2004 05:21:03 PM


David McCracken
The sky is nice. I love mixed light photos because they are so difficult to get right. This one really is good. I think it would be good to see the other side of the bridge though!

Manuel Garcia
Simply wonderful Great photo!

Carlos Ortez
Your series of photos are acceptionally well done.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks, Tony. Glad to be of help. You're a lucky guy to get to go to Hongkong. In case you haven't already go thorough, here's my ASIA Folder which has a few HK pix. Enjoy your trip and share with us all when you get back. ^_^

Tony Chiu Ming
Valuable Reference Your series of works give me invaluable material reference on travel photography. Beautiful and stunning is the word to describe your works. I am planning to go to Hong Kong this coming December 2004. Your works inspire me a lot. Thank you for sharing and hope to see more of your collections.

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