Glitters on the Hour

by Tsoi Wilson

glitters on the hour tsoi wilson

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Published: Sunday 1st of February 2004 05:01:02 PM


gregg johnson
What lens did you use?

David McCracken
This one doesn't work for me! This photo is very well composed but it doesn't work for me. The people in the foreground are essential to the picture but are underexposed and the higher part of the tower is over exposed.

Jennifer Mueller
Nice color, like the people in the foreground.

Anthony M
Nice photograph, but whats the reason for repeated critique requests on your series? is once not enough? AJM

Cynthia Masek
Very Nice, we were just there and you got it!

Marshall Goff
I'm sure there are endless ways to shoot it, and even with that, any way will still be a picture of a recognizable landmark. This shot, though, makes it only part of a photographic whole, and I think the image effectively conveys the sense of being there more than most I've seen. Nice work. Enjoy.

Angel Hernandez
Good perspective as it is difficult to have the whole tower. You did it and pretty well. Congrats!!

Wilson Tsoi
Howdy Fellas... Thank you all for feedback. I appreciate it. David, I know what you mean, but I had a version with fill flash to balance out the dark forground and the bright tower, and believe me, it takes away from the main subject and kills the atmosphere. Mr. Murphy, I had a handful of postings up at once so I tried to cycle through a few times (tried to work around the 4/day limit.) Greg, I used a Nikkor 20-35 2.8 on the F-80, mounted on a cheapy Velbron tripod. Thanks again, fellow PNers.

Mario Melendez
I never did like those flashers on the tower. Makes the thing look like a huge christmas decoration. I do like the angle on the shot, though.

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