Pillars of Eifel

by Tsoi Wilson

pillars of eifel tsoi wilson

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Published: Sunday 1st of February 2004 04:52:11 PM


Sigfrid Lopez
Is it possible to still create an original image of the MOST photographed landmark in the world? You've got the answer with this one: YES!

Dennis Jones
Don't think I'd change a thing. Unique shot that is well done.

Alec Ee
Nice angle Wilson. Colors beautifully captured and the night sky is just right. Worth all the trouble that you went through.

David McCracken
The tower is fine! Two things distract me immediately in this photo. One is the 1/2 star burst to the right. The 2nd is the 2 groups of people on the bottom right. I feel the photo would benefit if their feet were in the shot. Don't get me wrong. This is a good photo..... but hey!!..... you asked me to critique it!

Carlos Ortez
Excellent. The great lighting sets this apart from other similar photos.

Marshall Goff
Gives a good sense of scale, and shows how little of the tower needs to be shown to tell us where we are. Though I like the other shot better (subjectively speaking), I think this one is good, too. Enjoy.

Kate Temple-Taylor
The lighting is wonderfully captured, great composition and although I agree with the comment about the star burst and the missing feet....Hey how long can one stand around waiting for just the perfect shot, in a place like this there is always going to be some distraction. I am not a fan of digital manipulation so I take my hat off to you for leaving it just as it is

Nestor Botta
Good to see it again in another shot of yours. Personally, I enjoy more the previous version, although this is of good quality too.

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